Bringing Closure to 2020 -- A special Breathwork meditation class!

There is no denying that each and everyone person's nervous systems have been seriously taxed this past year. And emotional and mental bandwidths have been pushed to the max.
In response to this, we have this special breathwork meditation class for you!!
Through soothing the nervous system, slowing the mind, and letting go of outdated emotions, thoughts and beliefs, this class will help you find a sense of equilibrium.  
When you are clear, centered and focused, you are able to see new possibilities and feel a renewed sense of hope and excitement.  
The breathing technique that will be shared is also a wonderful tool to support you in navigating the holidays and end of year.
So join us as we lovingly close out 2020 and prepare for a fresh start.
This is an experiential class.  So after a discussion, you will be led through the breathwork practice, which involves you getting to lay down and listen to great music, while you breathe in a rhythmic fashion.
The breathing technique you will be taught will help you develop more clarity, a stronger ability to read and respond to your acting partner(s), and higher levels of confidence.  All attributes that support a successful audition.
Participants will receive a PDF that breaks down the specifics on how this practice is valuable in supporting you as a performer and in your auditions.

Eliza Kane has been teaching classes and workshops on breathwork + creativity for close to a decade.  The inception of her first breathwork + creative expression class took place in Venice, CA where many of her regular students were in the acting/performing world or connected closely to the industry at large.  Her Venice classes also gathered together and advanced some of the current top breathwork practitioners in the LA area, several of whom she mentored.


This class will be held online via Zoom on Monday, December 7th from 8:00PM-10:00PM EST / 5:00PM-7:00PM PST. 


To learn more about breathwork and Eliza, feel free to check out her website

Breathwork for the Actor: Bringing Closure To 2020!