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AVS EXPRESS PASS is a brand new add-on to our showcases and workshops. This pass lets you be one of the first ones to perform at our agent showcases and workshops. Be one of the most memorable performances during your showcase by performing in the first group of 5 students. You can stay for the rest of the class or leave the class after your performance. This pass will guarantee your early performance that way you can join another workshop or film that last minute audition you always get. 

Also, be the first one to see our brand new classes with the new instructors at AVS before anyone else!

Lastly, if you have an agent finder subscription or a one time agent finder submission you can be at the top of our agent finder list with this express pass. 

Please note we only have 5 passes available per showcase and these passes are on first come first serve basis. You can buy a one time pass for one month or subscribe to have a monthly express pass to all the showcases and agent workshops you attend with us. Please note this pass is NOT applicable toward any of our masterclasses or intensives including any casting director classes.

Once registered for your express pass and your showcase/workshop please email us to let us know in which order you'd like to perform.

You can cancel your subscription anytime by writing to info@actingandvoicestudios.com.  

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