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Check out some of our Professional Produced Acting Reels!


Check out some of our Professional Produced Voice-Over Reels! 

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What is an Acting Demo Reel?

A demo reel is an essential marketing tool for any actor looking to book work! Casting directors, producers and directors will want to see you in action before they can decide if you’re right for a job, or even if you should audition! An acting reel can help you get into the audition room: it’s a collection of clips of your acting work from different projects, edited together into one video to show off your skills and on-camera presence.


Here are a few reasons why every actor should have a demo reel:

  • A reel is a great way to showcase your range and on-camera skills.

  • Having a reel shows you‚Äôre serious and ready to book professional acting work.

  • A great demo reel can be your ticket to getting an audition.

‚ÄčNot sure how to make your own reel? No worries! With our Acting Reels program, you can get a demo reel made in NYC, LA, and Atlanta!

What Will You Get?

Our demo reels for actors will consist of one fully produced 60-90 second scene that will be specifically written for you, shot on a 4K resolution camera! We will also handle location, editing, color correction, sound design, title card, and a scene partner!

‚ÄčWe're collaborating with an award-winning production company and directing team that has made and released feature films, documentaries, short films, and music videos.

‚ÄčThe Process of Creating a Demo Reel

When it comes to our demo reel production, we do the work so you don’t have to. Here’s what the typical process of creating an acting reel at our studio will look like for you:

  1. Sign up on our website - Congrats! You’re on your way to having a professional acting reel!

  2. Questionnaire - once you sign up, we will send you a questionnaire where you will answer questions like what kind of characters you’d like to play, what genre you want the scene to be, and more. This is all to ensure that we create the best demo reel scene for YOU!

  3. Prep class with a professional acting coach - once we’ve written your scene, you and your scene partner will get to work on it through the course of 2 classes with a professional acting coach!

  4. Shoot day - All you have to do is have fun on set, we’ll handle the lighting, shooting, and everything else! 

  5. Receive your reel and IMDB credit!

What is a Voice-Over Demo Reel?

A voice-over reel serves the same purpose for a VO actor that an acting reel does for an on-camera actor! VO reels are just as essential for VO actors when it comes to getting auditions. VO reels can be split up into commercial and animation reels, depending on what the actor is looking to book work for. With our voice-over demo reels you can get a fully produced VO reel, recorded in our professional VO booth!

What Will You Get from a VO Reel?

Our voice-over reels are 45 seconds long and consist of 3 fully produced 15 second spots that you will be able to choose for yourself ahead of time. You will record the spots in our brand new Voice-Over Booth at our NYC studio. The reels are edited and produced in ProTools by a professional sound engineer. The VO spots will include all needed elements relevant to your spots including sound editing, sound design, score, music, and sound mixing. You will also have a 2-week prep class before recording your reel, with VO Casting Director Barry Shapiro!