The Acting & Voice Studios Scene Database has hundreds of TV/Film scenes for actors to choose from to perform during class. We have TV/Film scenes of all mediums and genres and for all ages.

You can find scenes for class right here in our Scene Database. You are also welcome to use your own scene, but you must first send us your scene for approval. Note that for some of our classes, our coaches will assign scenes to you. 


Female Scenes (16-20s)

Male Scenes (16-20s)

Kyle & Maynard

Kane Sides

Danny Sides

Perry Sides

Marcus & Michael

Celia & Dough

Nick & Rosanna

Marcus & Evans

Justin & Alex 

Ms Hart & Joel

Mateo & Coach Lake

Daniel & Andrew

Zack & Kayla

Adam & Mckenzie

Robin & Jason

Max & Tommy

Ethan & Carolyn

Female Scenes (20s-30s)

Peter & Sarah

Dan & Jason  

Male Scenes (30s-40s)

Female Scenes (40s-70s)

Male Scenes (40s-70s)

Kids Acting Scenes

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