Voice-Over Classes in New York City

Why are Voice-Over Classes Important?

Voice-Over training is essential for an actor looking to build a professional VO career! We host a variety of voice-over workshops for beginners all the way through advanced actors, taught by today’s leading voice-over agents, casting directors, and professional actors. With classes online and in our voice over studio in New York spanning focusing on voice over and diction, animation, commercial, and youth VO classes, we are prepared to help you turn your talent into marketable skills and get your career on track!

Types of Voice-Over Classes in NYC

  • Work with commercial top casting directors and agents on selected commercial copy.

  • Learn the unique approach to voice-over acting that is required for commercials.

  • Practice audition technique and get answers to all your commercial industry questions.

  • Work on animation copy for cartoon and video game VO.

  • Meet with animation agents at top agencies and casting directors for animated TV and film.

  • Work directly with agents and casting directors in our New York voice over studio.

  • Record your work in our professional VO booth in NYC and receive the audio recordings.

  • VO Reels available - private recording sessions in our studio, edited by a professional team to bring you a high quality demo reel.

Youth Voice-Over
  • Voice-over classes with youth agents and casting directors for youth-oriented television.

  • Animation and commercial classes designed specifically for young actors.

Why Choose Acting and Voice Studios?

Acting and Voice Studios was created with one mission in mind: be the ultimate resource for actors who are ready to take their career to the next level. We provide affordable voice over lessons for beginners through advanced, so no matter where you are in your career, we have a class for you! In our voice over workshops, navigating your career doesn't have to be intimidating. We give you access to famous agents, managers, casting directors, filmmakers, and working actors. Long story short: we confidently believe we have the best voice over studio in New York City, and we’re here to help you succeed in the Voice-Over acting world!